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Aluminium Doors and Windows
Complete with 2 round port holes and a curved window in a set colour
Bifold Doors Devon
Customer Mr N Jennens and Miss J James
Location Paignton, Devon
The Brief Aluminium doors and windows, with 2 round port holes and a curved window in a set colour that would specifically suit our period of house, while also being efficient.
From the customer's point of view:
On having relocated to this part of the world it was difficult to know where to start to look for the suppliers that we needed. But once we had found Devonshire windows they helped us enormously with the task of re-fitting our 1930ís modernist house.

Keeping the original look of the house was extremely important to us, and they guided us through the options, the proís and conís of different styles until we felt happy with what we had chosen.

We thought the large curved window would pose a few headaches, but they found a supplier and we have the perfect fit. Through from the measuring to the fitting we were very happy with the service and now the windows look like they have always been part of the house.

Bifold Doors Devon
Bi-Fold Doors Devon Bi-Fold Doors Devon Bifold Doors Devon Bi-Fold Doors Devon
Bi-fold Doors Devon
Why did we choose Devonshire Windows?
We were quite specific on the look that we wanted to achieve in order to keep the character of the property, so we needed a company that wasnít going to sell us what they thought we should have but needed a company that could see what our needs were and select options appropriately, and that we could work with in an amicable manner.

Devonshire worked well with us on all levels, really easy to get on with them, of course price comes in to it, and they were competitive, but service and smile goes a long way.

"On embarking on a large renovation of a modernist house it was extremely helpful and reassuring to come across a company that was willing to spend the time helping us make the right choice. It was a huge undertaking for us, and getting the right windows and doors in place was extremely important, but we were guided through the options, given plenty of information, and even the large curved window didn’t pose a problem for them, we were thoroughly delighted!”
Bi-Fold Doors DevonMr N Jennens and Miss J James