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Due to high levels of demand for our showroom, we will operate on an appointment-only basis enabling our customers to experience our showroom to its full extent without restriction.
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Doors Newton Abbot Internorm Security Features
Doors Newton Abbot
I-tec Locking
The I-tec locking system is a high-end security feature. It presses all of the sides of the frame when the windows is locked so it can no longer be levered.
Doors Newton Abbot
I-tec Glazing
With I-tec glazing it is not possible to push the glass out as the pane is glued completely to the window frame so it is safe and secure.
Doors Newton Abbot
Closing Elements
The solid, discreet closing elements are made in silver and use a mushroom shaped peg in the window frame to secure the window.
Doors Newton Abbot
Security Handle
The security handle uses safe scanning so it protects intruders from drilling against the outside of the window.
Doors Newton Abbot
Concealed Hardware
Concealed hardware ensures that the window can't be levered or tampered with at the hinges, it's appearance is also pleasing to the eye.
Doors Newton Abbot
Electronic Monitoring
The electric monitoring closing sensors notify reliably which windows and doors are locked or open this can also be combined with an alarm system.
Doors Newton Abbot
Lockable Handles
The lockable handles offer optimum child security and intruder protection in just one handle. The window is locked via key or push button and cannot be opened.
Doors Newton Abbot
Laminated Security Glass
The laminated security glass does not break apart. The tear-resistant foils hold the pane together and the glass stays compactly so there is no danger of an injury.