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Passive House    
Form Follows Function:
Camden Passive House Project
Passive House Glazing
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  This all-electric Passive House build was designed by its resident, engineer Max Fordham. It is a perfect example of how all homes should function, with an eco-friendly outlook being primary.  
Passive House Windows   Passive House Glazing
All of the windows in this property feature automated insulated shutters to keep heat in and save energy Passive House Glazing
What is a Passive House?
Allows heating and cooling related energy savings up to 90% compared with typical buildings They are praised for their high level of occupant comfort
Passive house glazing and insulation techniques and products are used to retain heat in the winter and guard against overheating in the summer A controlled ventilation system consistently supplies fresh air and enhances air quality
Are you considering a Passive House approach?
Contact Darran Round our Passive House glazing specialist and technical designer

"As a technical designer with over 25 years experience I can design and specify a glazing solution that meets stringent Passive House criteria as well as your own individual needs.
I frequently work with home owners, architects, developers and building specialists across the South West."