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These products have been superseded by Aura AuraPLUS, Forma and FormaPLUS. Domus, Aldus, Patus and Patus PLUS are only available under very special circumstances where existing product has already been supplied. Click here to see our current range.
Domus and Aldus
Rationel Timber/Aluminium Window Products
Energy Efficient Windows Window Fitter Paignton
With their energy efficient design cleverly reducing energy consumption and their external aluminium cladding helping to make ALDUS virtually maintenance free, this range is perfect for those with an environmental consideration and those wanting a hassle free lifestyle.

The ALDUS range delivers an improved energy efficiency over the DOMUS range which are designed to reduce energy consumption due to their construction and design. With an array of designs, opening/closing features and various features available such a range is ideal for complex window solutions such as orangeries, sun lounges and conservatories, for example.

Professional Window Supplies and Installation
Window Supplies Paignton Choice of opening types including side hung and guided.
Window Fitters Paignton Array of colours and styles to choose from
Window Fitter Paignton Cleverly designed to reduce energy consumption
Window Supplier Paignton Virtually maintenance free
Rationel Window Fitter Paignton
"Suitable for both new-build projects as well as refurbishment projects where a modern fašade is required, DOMUS TIMER ALDUS windows and doors are ideal."
Lewis, Devonshire Windows
Find out more about the colours and opening types in the Domus and Aldus range:
Window Suppliers Paignton
Top Guided
Opening Types
Rationel Window Fitter Paignton
Side Hung
Opening Types
Rationel Window Fitter Paington
Side Guided
Opening Types
Window Supplier Paignton
Top Swing
Opening Types
Window Fitters Paignton
Fixed Light
Opening Types
UPVC Window Fitters Paignton
Tilt and Turn
Opening Types
UPVC Windows Paignton
Louvred Panel
Opening Types
UPVC Window Fitters Paignton
Colours Options
Style your windows

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